1, 2, 3... You're Hired!

Even The Best Need A Coach:
1, 2, 3... You're Hired!

You have the experience. You have the knowledge. And you have the drive it takes to be successful. Now it’s time to make sure the person that will interview you feels the same way!

For over 30 years Douglas McKinney has coached thousands of job seekers and improved their careers. His proven job interview techniques are now available in 1, 2, 3... You’re Hired!. Mr. McKinney’s methodology and tips will enable you to present yourself as more knowledgeable, professional, and successful, putting you on the short list for the best positions.

Known as a progressive recruitment firm, our services and techniques have evolved to include the latest recruiting trends in sourcing, technology, and social/professional networking. We have helped hundreds of job-seekers find successful and rewarding positions over the past 30 years.

To prepare you for today's ever-changing business climate, Exclusive Search has developed our patented 1, 2, 3... You’re Hired! interview training program. Developed by our experts over years of intuitive interviewing and sold nationally, this program will train you on how to prepare for a successful interview.

Be one of our success stories, order your copy of 1, 2, 3... You’re Hired! for only $19.95 today! Bonus workbook included.




A Success Story:

“Just want to give you some feedback on Doug McKinney’s 1-2-3 You’re Hired candidate interview video. I purchased a package from Doug recently and have been very impressed with the results.

I had a candidate who was interviewing to make his first career move. The opportunity was perfect for him, but he was extremely nervous and was looking for direction. Besides the standard coaching techniques I use, I had my candidate also use Doug’s video.

He went in for the interview, did great and received a nice offer and accepted. I asked if the video was a help and his comment to me was… “Absolutely. There were some very good tips on the video…better than anything I was able to find on the net. It helped my confidence level big time…plus I watched it on my time because of the shifts I was working at the time. Pretty convenient.”

Thanks, Doug…it is nice having that extra advantage to hand off to a candidate with this video, a super resource to have."

Joe Drapcho, President
Quality Executive Search